How much Coco Cat litter should I use per month?

One box of Coco Cat litter should be enough to last one cat one month, however this is just a guideline as every cat has unique litter needs.

As recommended by the directions contained on our website and printed on every box of Coco Cat you should start off by pouring a 4 to 5 cm layer of Coco Cat litter into your litter box – if your litter box is of a standard size this should use half of the content of a standard box of Coco Cat litter. This first application of Coco Cat should last one cat using the litter box a maximum of 15 days, after which you should replace the entire contents of your litter box and refill it again from the remaining Coco Cat left over in the box.

It is important to note that the 15 day replacement suggestion is only a suggested guideline and one might need to replace the content of your litter box earlier. The frequency with which you will need to replace the litter is subject to various factors like:

  • how many cats use the same litter box;
  • how often your cat urinate;
  • the age of your cat;
  • whether or not your cat is suffering from a medical condition;
  • whether or not your cat’s urine is particularly smelly;