What if my cat is allergic to cat litter?

Cat litters types with a high dust content, or litter manufactured with chemical additives like fragrances and clumping agents, can trigger allergic reactions or lead to sensitivity in your cat.  Sensitivity to litter can develop at any age, or when the manufacturer changes the ingredients of the litter, but kittens and older cats tend to be most susceptible.

Visible allergy symptoms may include sneezing, and watery or itchy eyes. Certain behavioral changes may also be indicative of allergy, and in some cases, your cat may even start to avoid the litter box all together and go to the toilet in other areas. If you believe your cat is exhibiting cat litter allergy symptoms, talk to your veterinarian as the specific cause will differ with each cat or may be a sign of a larger health issue.

Luckily Coco Cat is hypoallergenic and it should not cause any allergies for your cat.