What is coco cat

Premium quality natural cat litter

Coco Cat is produced from one ingredient – coconut pith.

Coconut pith is super absorbent and is capable of absorbing 500 % of its own weight in fluid, making it the best cat litter for odor control.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Coco Cat is environmentally friendly and is produced from a sustainable and renewable source. Coco cat litter can also be reused as a compost by directly applying it to your garden.

How does it work


Fill your litter box evenly to a depth of 4 to 5 cm (this should use half of the Coco Cat Litter in your box of Coco Cat).


After 15 days of use or as necessary, replace the Coco Cat in your litter box completely.


Remove solids from your litter box daily and stir the Coco Cat litter with an implement for a couple of seconds to insure that all the urine is absorbed evenly.


Dispose of the used Coco Cat litter by adding it to your compost heap, flower bed, or applying it in your garden as a lawn dressing. It is also safe to throw out your used Coco litter with the trash, as it is 100 % natural and can do no harm at your local landfill.

Why switch to coco cat

Super Odor Absorption

Absorbs unpleasant smells!

Environmentally Friendly

100 % natural and biodegradable


100% renewable and sustainable source – no trees are cut down

Chemical Free

One one ingredient – coconut husk


No more heavy lifting


Silica dust free and safe for your cat


Happy Cat absorbs odors beautifully and my litter box doesn’t smell.

Chantal Correira Kuils River

I love that my flat does not smell.

Madeleine Botha Cape Town

I loved that I could throw the used Happy Cat litter out in my garden and not in the dustbin.

Nicci Crips Strand

Love that it is natural and can go in the compost. Also liked that our cat is using a natural product and he really enjoyed it too. Plus no odor.

Sandy Immelman Strand

I loved the fact that it is natural and the peaty smell of the product.

Kristinet van der Westhuizen Stellenbosch

I love that Happy Cat ecofriendly, absorbent and that one can dispose of it in the garden.

Greta Somerset West

More information

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